Birds bring you a lot of good Fortune and Opportunities

Birds bring you a lot of good Fortune and OpportunitiesThis loving eagle couple is hatching opposite of my house in a old palm tree stump, they take care equally for their chicks

Feng Shui works a lot with symbolism and birds are considered symbols for luck and opportunities.

To have figurines, paintings or pictures of birds or even real birds (but not in a cage!) in your house or office will bring you immensely good fortune and lots of opportunities, they also stand as a sign for sudden wealth. And pictures of 100 birds will bring you even 100 times more good luck.

Each species, their colours or their number have an own significance: Birds of prey like eagles and hawks represent wealth and good fortune. Sparrows and other small birds are messengers for good news. A crow brings some divine message and lovebirds stand romance. An owl says that a teacher or mentor might show up for you.

When you see a pair of birds, then you can sing: “Love is in the Air”. A whole family of birds signifies the possibility of a new family-member or a family reunion, which either of them will bring you a lot of happiness. A single black bird like a crow suggests an important message.

The best sign is if the birds are flying toward you, when they flying away you might have missed a good opportunity. Hearing birds singing for you in the morning will bring good news during the day and it will bright up your day also.

And the most auspicious possibility of all is when birds choose your garden, terrace or balcony to hatch! This will bring you an increased income.

But if you see and injured bird, this should be a warning to be cautious the whole day!!!

As white is the colour for healing, a white bird also represents healing or fast recoverlance, a bird with red spots or marks means some honor is waiting for you. A fully yellow bird means, as well as a flock of birds, sudden wealth and a seeing a blue bird can bring you the long awaited promotion at work.

You also can increase you business luck by displaying a Phoenix figurine or picture, this is one of the celestial animals and the queen of all feathered creatures, she attracts prosperity and abundance into your home and office when displayed in the South as she is the celestial of this direction.

In order to protect your business from bad luck you can place a picture of a flock of birds or auspicious 100 birds pictures/paintings in the South. Seeing a flock of birds in flight is a very auspicious sign and indicts very good career possibilities.

Another helpful bird for the office is the Rooster; he especially protects you from politicking and backbiting when posted in the West of your office or your writing table.

Cranes represent longevity – good to have a painting with them in the home and pictured as a flock of cranes will bring sudden money and prosperity to your family.

Birds can even accompany you to guarantee safe traveling. Place 6 peacock feathers or toy birds with real feathers in the back window of your car and you are protect against accidents.

I wish you all the good fortune, a long life and safe travels and a lot of good opportunities, may birds always accompany you and show up in your life when you need them.


Karina Sirimanna Vithanage

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